A night concert



A night concert


A quick entry before I have to shut down my iPad. I’m about to attend a concert, The Chieftains. It’s funny because I’ve never purposefully listened to their music, beyond maybe using them as an example for a Pandora channel. Still, a few years ago I decided that if a band was playing that I was interested in, I was going to go. I’m regretting never having been to a Simon & Garfunkel show. I’m not sure they were still touring when I finally got to the point of going to concerts.

I haven’t attended a lot of concerts since college, when they had big events every year. I’ve seen Elvis Costello twice. I went to see U2 as they were doing The Joshua Tree in concert a couple of years back. That’s the U2 I grew up on. It wasn’t a great experience, but how much longer are some of these groups going to be touring?

They’re billing this as an “Irish farewell.” I don’t know if that means a farewell tour or refers to some music. Figured I shouldn’t chance it. The sign at the front f the theater says “The Chieftains 58th Anniversary.” It’s funny to me that so many of the people attending are well over that in age. I guess it makes sense. There are some kids in the crowd, but it is a Monday night. For the price of tickets, I’m not sure I’d be bringing kids. But, I don’t have kids, so maybe my perspective would change.

I hope to enjoy this evening. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t. Not sure what to expect. It looks like the orchestra is set up. I didn’t think they’d be playing, as well. Maybe I’ll let you know what I thought of it afterwards. Maybe I’ll be busy driving home.

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