I was googling storytelling the other day. The summer reading theme this year is “Imagine Your Story” and I thought it would be cool to do some storytelling events at my library. I’m already looking into a memoir writing program and I talked with our resident writers group tonight about potentially having something with them over the summer, as well.

Anyway, the rabbit hole of google searching led me to a Medium article about Pixar’s rules for storytelling, which I thought was awesome. We were chatting today at work about being rule  followers. Generally I am. When it comes to writing (and 55mph speed limits) I tend to think of them more as suggestions. Still, these rules give you a framework to think about your writing or to evaluate after you have written.

I also like that story is story,  no matter the medium. Obviously, Pixar is in the movie business, but whether you’re telling a story to your kids, writing a novel, or a graphic novel, these are elements that you can use to make a story live.

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