Planning v. Plotting




I’ve decided that if my sis-in-law, Annie, is a planner then I’m a plotter. She’s so good at organization. She decides, “This is what we’re going to do.” On the other hand I’m more of a, “If this happens then we could do this,” kind of person. I’m not really sure what this says about her or me.

I really don’t like having a “plan” because so often they fall through, but I really do enjoy looking at all the eventualities of a situation. I guess you could say I prefer “plans,” definitely plural. This is probably why any bag I pack is always so heavy. People tease me about carrying stuff around, but when they need a Band-Aid or a breath mint, guess who can help! Or maybe you need a tissue? Pen? Pocket knife? Hand cream? Bible? Notebook? Earbuds? Eye-drops? Tweezers? Fingernail clippers? Ibuprofen? Allergy medicine? Maybe you’re feeling a little motion sickness? Got you covered. Yes, I have all that and more in my purse right now. And I’m not a mom.

So, when it comes to planning — I mean plotting — a vacation, I’m in heaven. I dare say that the anticipation, all the research and what-ifs, is almost as fun as the actual time away. Part of the enjoyment for me is seeing what’s available. When I went to Scotland two summers ago, I had a place to stay every night along the way and a few things I definitely wanted to do, but otherwise I just kind of went with it. This time around, it’s a shorter vacation and I’ll be staying in one town, so I have a flight to and from and a place to lay my head and that’s about it. Tonight I spent some time looking at maps and public transportation routes. In the coming days I’ll be looking for more specific activities that I might want to do. But the best part of traveling alone is that you can make up your mind on the fly. So, if it’s an art museum one day and an aquarium the next, or I feel like doing nothing but wandering the city, that’s what I’ll do. But I’ll know what some of my possibilities are.

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