Common courtesy




I’m getting old. I know it not so much because of the gray hairs or the young people in my life that are growing up so fast. It’s because I’m starting to look at people and wonder where things like common sense and decency went. “When I was a kid” has run through my mind any number of times.

I attended a hockey game tonight and wanted to smack a few people upside the head. It’s pretty much understood, if someone needs through, you stand up and get out of the way. But I watched some able-bodied young men just sit there as young women had to climb over them and their food trays. I’m pretty sure the women were with the guys, but that’s no excuse. If anything, the guys ought to have been more careful of them. Makes me wonder about their relationship.

Not that these guys impressed me much in other ways. Yes, it’s a sporting event. Yes, your team is the best and the other team is evil incarnate. But flipping off the goalie (who, by the way, doesn’t even know you exist) says a lot more about you than it does about the goalie. Class act.

At least the crowd clapped for the injured player from the other team when he skated off. I’ve actually heard people cheer. When did we stop seeing people as people? Are we so obsessed with self that we’re incapable of getting outside our own heads? Anything that’s not me or mine can be treated in anyway I desire, but I deserve consideration.

I’m definitely getting old. Excuse me while I adjust my knickers.

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