About Saints Rest



About Saints Rest


Saints Rest is the name of my home. It was named by my mother’s cousin whose family was renting the house from my father’s parents many years ago. Due to eminent domain used to create state game land, the house was moved less than a mile across open fields from its original location in the 1960’s. The house now faces east where it once faced south on about 100 acres in rural Western Pennsylvania.

Saints Rest has been my home since August 2000, with a few years away for work, making it the second longest place of residence in my life. The house¬† has sheltered a range of family members over the years, grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren. When I moved in, my grandmother, uncle, and parents were all in residence. My eldest brother lived here for a time, too. My aunt, her husband and eldest child once lived here with my grandparents. Other cousins stayed with our grandparents at various times. And that’s just in my lifetime.

Even if you did not live in the house, you were welcome. Perhaps it is the family, not the house, but I’ve always been proud that people found a welcome,¬† a meal, or assistance at this place. We share what we have and it has been that way since before I was born. My grandmother once showed me a letter written by a great-aunt about watching “Timmy” (my father) and the baby (my aunt) one Sunday morning and a local family stopping by at dinner time. A few more potatoes were put in the soup and everyone sat down to eat.

I’ve taken Saints Rest as my own identity because it represents what I want my life to be: open, friendly, helpful, restful. It’s a place of family, friendship, music, food, history, and hard work. All of those are important to me. I hope to share these and more concepts in the posts you will find here.

Welcome to Saints Rest.