Pack rats




I miss my dad. I haven’t written any posts because I don’t want it all to be about this process I’ve been dumped into, but it’s taken over my life.

Perhaps I could write about the cool objects we’ve found. Or the overwhelming amount of things in my home. We filled a 2 yard dumpster with garbage then recycled electronics, took out regular recycling, and donated bags of clothing. And we could probably do it all over again, except maybe the electronics, and still not be done .

I could wax poetic on plastic totes. I could horrify you with the amount of mouse shit that exists in this place, or disgust you with discussion of turtle tank cleaning (don’t get a turtle, trust me in this). Or despair over dogs that get into trash bags, making a messy room even messier.

But all it does, as I face each day, is distract me for a bit from the fact that I miss my dad.

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