Playing with patterns



Playing with patterns


My niece invited me to play a game on Sunday. She and my brother warned me that it could be very frustrating. I don’t do frustration well so I was a little concerned but how do you tell your niece you don’t want to play? So I gave it a shot.

I loved it!

The game is called On the Dot.

It’s a simple enough concept. You get four transparent squares with four different color dots on them. You flip over a card and try to line up all four cards so that they show the pattern on the card. You’re racing against the person you’re playing against.

Alternatively, you put out the same number of cards as there are players. You pick one of the cards to match. When you get it, you get to take that card… but someone else might have been working on that card, as well, and if they finish first, they take it! The card is replaced from the pile and you keep going until someone gets five cards.

Maybe I enjoyed it because I won both games that we played. The games were pretty close. Some folks might say, “Well, sure you won, you’re playing against kids.” But let me tell you, they’re pretty smart kids and I regularly lose to them at other games. My youngest niece kicks my butt at the memory game and has excellent spacial awareness. My nephew is a very strategic thinker. I’m probably closer in thinking to my middle niece, so we’re pretty evenly matched.

This is not a game for the colorblind, but if you like pattern puzzles, give it a shot. You can also play against yourself, but I think the time pressure adds to the difficulty.

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