A bit of earth



A bit of earth


For work, earlier this year, I tried out acrylic pouring to make abstract art. I liked the look of it. The people who attended the program seemed to like how their art came out. I did one painting in blues and greens and white to show off the concept. During the event, I created one with yellow, orange, red and a deep, almost maroon purple with some white accents. When I was done, it looked almost on fire. The first looked like water. So I decided I should try to do a couple more to complete the elemental set.

Today I tried to do “earth”. Somewhat unsuccessfully, it turns out (I think it looks like someone astride a lion). A 10x10 canvas abstract acrylic pour using black, gold, silver, brown and gray. The colors are swirled together with the gray dominating the canvas. I wasn’t sure what colors to use. I found a beautiful metallic gold, something that said it was black glitter that came out silvery, a pewter color, regular black, and I mixed up a sort of chocolate brown.  I used equal parts of all of these colors, but when the pour settled, it was predominantly grey. If anything, I was hoping for more black with the gold and silver sort of streaked. The silvery bits barely exist at all as a kind of blue swirling in the grey. Definitely not what I envisioned.

I still need to do “air” and I think that silver will work nicely. I’ll play with a few blue hues and tints, as well. I worry that it will be too close to the “water” but perhaps I’ll try for some sun colors to offset. Or maybe a bit of purple. I’m imagining the sky after the sun sets when there’s still enough color to see blue, but it fades up into the night sky with stars.

Whether I can make the canvas show what I’m thinking… well, that’s always the creative challenge, isn’t it?

Nice thing is I have a bunch more canvasses and paint. I’ll run out of drying space pretty quickly, unfortunately, but I’ll give the earth tones another shot… maybe try a slightly different palette. I like the precious metals, but I think a kind of geode effect would be awesome, too.

If I can get it right.

What are you creating?

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