The thing about poems



The thing about poems


I was reading a book of poetry by Alex Dimitrov. Just picked it out of the lineup on my library’s ebook app. And, as I read, as often happens, I started hearing a poem in my head. I could use a workshop. I miss sharing and getting feedback on my poems. It seems so much more manageable than long fiction. I have some critiques of my own for this one, but I’ll share, anyway. The poem in my head:

“The thing about poems”

The thing about poems is
They slow you down
All that
White space
Where you can
Get lost in the

These short lines
Throw you off
Into your own thoughts

You read too fast
Take curves in a speeding car
No brakes
Or gravel ramp

Just a long drop

Long enough to let you
Think about what’s

Hope it’s quick
But it’s life

It takes forever

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