All my thoughts and worries and emails and phone calls and worries and decisions were wiped out by an email. I’m not upset … oh, nevermind, yes I am. I really don’t appreciate how the state can make such a sweeping decision for all libraries to be closed and then tell us at 5:22 on a Friday afternoon that we’re supposed to be closed for the next two weeks. No warning such a decision was coming down the pipe. Pike. Whatever that saying is. It’s bullshit. I can’t believe this decision couldn’t have been made hours before. Or, hell, at least give us a hint so we’re ready to go with the story. That’s some top-notch leadership. Excellent communication skills. Truly outstanding information sharing.

But you can go to the store. Or out to eat. Or pretty much anywhere except a sporting event or a concert. However, you can’t go to a library. Cancelling events makes sense. Individuals wandering through the stacks, however, I can’t believe is a great public health risk. You can maintain “social distancing.” You can wash your damn hands afterwards. Believe me, my staff is washing our hands after dealing with you.

No suggestions for mitigating the mess. No lead time for the community to prepare. Just a proclamation.

Badly done, OCL. Badly done.

Only good thing about this situation is that parents won’t be able to dump their kids who are home from school for the next two weeks off and pretend a library is a daycare option. It happens.

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