A hungry day



A hungry day


I’m having a hungry day. It’s a day when, no matter what I eat, I’m hungry. They don’t happen that often, thankfully.

I’m fat, so people probably think I eat all the time every day. That’s not actually the case. I’ve had some workdays where I’ve been so engaged in my work that I never get around to eating. My coworkers often have to remind me to get lunch.

The problem is probably what I eat, not how much. When I followed a diet plan, I would have to force myself to eat. I’d literally get sick of chewing before I consumed the food planned for the day. But on hungry days, all bets are off.

I had coffee with creamer and what my one friend calls a “breakfast candy bar,” more  commonly referred to as a granola bar, for breakfast. A solo cup full of mini-pretzels and some Cadbury mini eggs (love those things) for snack throughout the day.

I got an actual “meal” at Wendy’s for lunch of spicy chicken sandwich, with small fries and a drink. Usually I get a snack wrap or a smaller sandwich because a meal is enough to make me feel uncomfortably full. Today, I was still hungry when I finished the sandwich (and in pain; I really should avoid spicy food). I ended up eating another granola bar before I headed home.

Supper was tuna noodle casserole and peas with a glass of milk. Later I had a few saltines with Nutella on them. I probably would have had more, but I scraped the bottom of the Nutella container. Still hungry, I had plain yogurt with lemon curd a little later. And I just now ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some “liquid water enhancer” water.

I’m thinking the water might be key. I do drink water at work. I have a filter bottle, but I’m sure I don’t drink enough. I worked with the basketball team in college and one of the trainers told me that you should never feel thirsty. When you feel thirsty, you’re already behind the eight ball. But I still don’t drink enough.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be done being the hungry little caterpillar.

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