Always on




As an introvert, one of the worst things I can be is “on.” I’m like a battery in a flashlight that someone abandoned, slowly getting dimmer. That’s how I feel after a day with no downtime. Just dim. Drained.

I feel guilty when I reach the end of my energy and there’s still more to do. I was at a conference back in the Fall and had some time off between sessions. I was so happy to go sit in my car in the parking lot, no radio, no people, just the sound of rain and wind. I only had an hour but it allowed me to go back into the building and make it through the rest of the day.

Could I have spent that hour differently? Networking? Sitting in on another session? Schmoozing with the vendors? Yes, I suppose. Would it have been as useful as shutting off for a bit? I doubt it.

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