What are we doing here?



What are we doing here?


Life is crazy right now. Not that it’s not usually crazy. But we added two new staff members last week. We had a lot of applicants, almost half as many interviews, and all of that left me with two people that we now need to incorporate into our workplace.

We are also reaching the end of a remodel and expansion. All that’s left of the construction is touching up the finishes. Today, our new shelving was delivered and is being set up. Later this week, we’ll move our entire children’s collection. Next week, our summer reading program — the busiest time of our year — begins.

So, yeah, crazy.

We’re becoming a brand new place, sort of. If I need to discuss something with my staff, I push my chair to the door of my office and talk. Next week, half my staff will be on a different floor. Our children’s area was the first thing you saw when you walked in the door. Now it’s downstairs. The lower level was dim and bare. Now it’s brightly lit, more brightly colored, and, I hope, an inviting and vibrant place. If the upstairs isn’t quite so colorful, I still hope it’s also a place where people will feel comfortable. We have some beautiful additions and some changes in the existing space that should make things easier.

How does any of this answer the question, “What are we doing here?” Every choice we made along the way should have been an answer to that question. We want people to come to our library. We want them to come back. We want to be a place that is open to meet the needs of our community, whether that’s a quiet place to study, somewhere to charge a phone, or a program to have fun and learn something new.

Of course we’ll have books, too.

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