Not Incorrigible, Encourageable




I’ve been making some questionable decisions lately. Not like drinking and driving questionable.  More like “You’re going to wear that outfit?” questionable. Nothing life-threatening but I look back and wonder what I was thinking.

The thing is, sometimes you can’t fix problems quite as easily as changing a shirt or switching out shoes. We all know that. Hurt feelings persist. Things that are said can’t be unsaid. Impressions have been made. Sometimes, though, we’re lucky and can make a change, if we want to.

What gives me hope is that I’m not incorrigible. I can accept correction. I don’t always like it. Who does? Have you ever seen the movie Emma? It contains a grand example of someone behaving badly and being corrected by someone who cares, someone who expects more  (Badly done, Emma).

I appreciate having people in my life who will let me know when I’ve done something wrong so I can improve my behavior. It’s embarrassing but I can learn from my mistakes. I can make my apologies where they’re necessary. It’s when it’s not possible to apologize that I sometimes get stuck. Because I can’t fix the thing, I have to fix me. I have to do better in the future.

I hope that I can be the kind of person that encourages others to be better than they are, to be honest with themselves and with others, just as my friends do for me. Perhaps we can take turns.

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