One of the guys




I’m a hockey fan. Some people are kind of surprised by this. Maybe they have this idea that hockey’s a violent sport or one that women aren’t interested in? I don’t know. I have a lot more friends that are women who like hockey than I do men. That might just be because I know more women than men. I also know that a lot of my friends wouldn’t care if hockey were to vanish from the face of the earth.

This year I was able to get full-season tickets to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I was pretty excited. I’ve had tickets for a few years, half-season. The problem is that I live far enough from Pittsburgh that I couldn’t always make my scheduled games. I figured if I got the full season, I could sell tickets for the games I couldn’t make due to work commitments or bad weather or just needing to not get home at midnight or later. I had the flexibility to attend the games I could make, give tickets to friends or family, sell some, and take friends with me to spend the evening. That last bit was my favorite part. Spending some time with people at the game was cool, but spending time in the car driving down and back was almost better.

The thing is, having someone share your interests is awesome. It’s like you get to see, in this little thing, that you are the same. This was reinforced for me this afternoon at work. The library is under construction and we’ve had the same guys in the building for the last few months. As the Penguins have moved into the playoffs, hockey discussions have cropped up. I usually just overhear the guys talking and smile at knowing what they’re talking about. Today, one of the plumbers was chatty and we got on the topic of hockey somehow. One of the carpenters joined in. I felt like one of the guys. We’re pretty far from alike by gender and occupation, probably in education, I imagine in income, as well (Have you seen what the prevailing wage is for a carpenter? Why did I spend so much money for grad school?!), but we were all just sports fans for a little bit. And that’s pretty cool.

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