Night Owl: Whooo me?




If you check the hours of my regular posts, you’ll probably recognize that I’m a night owl. For quite a while I was posting pictures to Twitter of my #MidnightBaking. I used to do baking for Sunday morning church after everyone else was out of the kitchen. Our kitchen isn’t set up to work very well with more than one person. Someone is always in the way so you either have to detour around the table or chase each other around the room. I don’t want the frustration, so I would wait for everyone to go to bed before I began baking. Often in the dark, since turning the kitchen light on shone light into my grandmother’s bedroom.

I’m not doing much baking lately, but I’m still up at night. I always used to say that I lived in the wrong time zone. I’ve never had trouble with insomnia (well, very rarely). I sleep well once I go to bed and I usually sleep all night. I just don’t get tired until later in the evening. There’s actually a phrase for this: Delayed sleep phase syndrome. It becomes a “disorder” when it interferes with your daily life.

There’s also an advanced sleep phase condition in which you go to bed unusually early and wake early. This tends to affect older adults while delayed sleep is generally a younger person problem. When I was in high school, during the summers, my perfect sleep schedule was from 5am to noon. Didn’t work during school time, or now that I work, but that’s exactly what I did this Monday morning (my day off), staying up until 5:15 to finish a book, but I was awake by 10:15. What that means for the rest of the week is that I’m playing catch up. Though catching up on sleep is a little harder to do than most people think.

So, what’s the difference between a night owl and a morning person (a “lark”)? Well, there have been a lot of studies, but I’d say morning people are more annoying. I might be a little biased, though.

The thing is, night owls don’t go around poking morning people and teasing them for going to bed at night but morning people are pretty smug when the night owls drag themselves in to work. Again, maybe that’s the sleepiness talking. We have to live in your world, larks, so give us a break. And a cup of coffee. And maybe don’t talk to us right away. We’ll all be happier for it.

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