Batman v Superman: I’m so confused



Batman v Superman: I’m so confused


I’m going to have to watch this one again. Probably not immediately, ’cause who’s got the money and time for that?, but some day and with someone who knows more about comic books than I do. Which wouldn’t be a tough bar to surpass. I have a hard time reading graphic novels, generally, because I apparently have the visual literacy of a granny. A rather hermetic granny. I can’t figure out which frame to read next. Make it manga and I’m really confused (yes, I know, start at the “back” but do you read the pages right to left, as well?!?). Someone designs a graphic novel with training-wheel arrows, I’ll be all set.

But, beyond having no clue what’s “supposed” to be happening in this movie, I went in very confused. Why would these two guys fight each other? Aren’t they both supposed to be good guys? Well, Batman’s sort of a good guy. And they do a pretty good job of explaining it. I really liked that (oh, crap, yeah, “SPOILERS”) they showed the aftermath of the Man of Steel battle. I’ve always wondered, when watching other action/fantasy movies, about the mess they make. The heroes go home (or out for shawarma) and everyday people are left to pick up the pieces and that’s that. So it’s nice to have the filmmakers acknowledge this a bit. But I have to wonder that Bruce Wayne would really take it so personally. He is kind of nuts, though, so perhaps that explains it.

I also think the Superman conspiracy is a little lacking. Yes, he was set up and, yes, people might feel powerless, but really? Then again, I’ve seen conspiracy theories with a lot less cause.

So, the premise is a little questionable but my real problem had to do with getting thrown out of the movie in a couple of spots. Not literally, but still pretty violently.

The first was during Wayne’s dream sequence. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. I was wondering if the projectionist had slipped in the wrong reel (yes, I know). I needed something more to suggest what was happening. One second I’m watching a computer screen, the next I’m in, what, the future? What was happening? Dream? Subconscious working out some details? Worst fears realized? I’m leaning toward computer-induced hallucination by something Lex concocted within his stolen data (probably not, but that would have been awesome). Either way, I went from watching the movie to thinking, “What is going on?” Not that I don’t like to think when I watch movies, but I need some hints, a different cut to the scene, something to clue me in.

The other place I disengaged was during the chase scene. Yeah yeah yeah, blowing stuff up, flipping over, plowing through buildings, yep. Went on a little too long for me. The best part is that Superman interrupts it and doesn’t even know why. That was unexpected, at least.

And yet, I really enjoyed the movie. I can’t help but think a lot of the violence could have been avoided if people would just talk, but that’s the peacemaker in me. I guess I would have been blown up at the Congressional hearing. Also, doesn’t make for as exciting a movie.

I’d like to address the theological perspective some time, but definitely would need a second viewing for that. I’m always interested in ways Hollywood treats “God.” Lex Luthor definitely has some ideas on the topic. Of course, he’s pretty loony, too. Maybe next time.

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