If you feed it, it’s yours



If you feed it, it’s yours


I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a picture my sister-in-law shared of a cat someone found, trying to locate its owner. My immediate response was, “Congratulations, you now have a cat!” but it reminded me of someone who called my last library looking for someone who would take in stray cats. She didn’t want to call a shelter that might put them down. She also didn’t want to have to pay a surrender fee to turn in “stray cats.” I passed on the name of a few places she could contact. But the thing that bothered me was that she said she was feeding them. When it comes to cats, if you’re feeding them, they are your cats. You’ve taken responsibility, so be responsible.

And right above was a picture of a famous rock singer who’d been sober for a long time talking about a hunger that can’t be filled with drugs, though he’d certainly tried. What was he feeding with his drug habit?

There’s also a story floating around about this “Native American” grandfather telling his grandson about two wolves fighting inside him, one good, one evil, and the grandson asks which one will win. His answer, “The one you feed.”

So, what do you feed? What hole are you trying to fill? You are responsible for what you feed, whether it’s an animal or a desire. Feed the good. Find what it takes to fill the empty places.

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