I’m thinking. I’m thinking



I’m thinking. I’m thinking

I really enjoy watching people think about what they’re doing. That’s why one of my new favorite things is bonus material on DVDs. You get to feel like an insider for a little bit, so there’s that voyeuristic thrill, but it also lets you in on the “why” and “how” of making a movie or a television show. Most of us are rarely put on the spot to explain ourselves like that, but I think it’s a challenge we ought to accept occasionally.
As a writer, I don’t think about all the little things that go into a well-written story like the writing books break it down. I just write. But then… That’s when I look at what’s been written and do the work. The more you study the craft, the more you think about why you’re doing what you’re doing, the more it becomes part of your writing. So you’re not actively thinking about varying sentence lengths or point of view, perhaps, but you’re improving. And that’s pretty thrilling, too.

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